Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Yesterday's post certainly brought some comment. “I have an answer for you in regard to "to get ahold of" from the blog post yesterday. I sent the question to my mother, who teaches English with a specialty in Grammar; she and a colleague provided the following response: Here is the consensus of two great English minds. "I must get ahold of . . . " is a colloquialism, as in, "I must get ahold of Bryan to find out when the party starts." To write it as 2 words, "a hold" has a different meaning as in, "I put a hold on the newest Clancy novel at the library." It should be 2 words if you can insert an adjective in between "A" and "hold," as in, "She kept a tight hold on her squirming toddler." That's our best shot . . . So there you go. l hope that helps a little. Bryan Macleod . . . Eric Battisti also surfed the net and found two sites that discussed this same situation. Bottom line there: there was no consensus . . . Sorry to hear that Lemoyne Sleeper is going out of business; more jobs lost. It is time that we balance the budget by creating employment not more unemployment. Remember all those misguided tea drinkers who complained about “bailouts” during the Bush depression. Well, the government has gotten a lot of its money back already and at a profit. Those helped are still at work and paying taxes while taking care of their families. Gov. Corbett, take notice.

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