Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fierce storms tore through Central Pennsylvania early this evening. Much of Harrisburg lost cable TV and Green Street was closed between Clinton and Harris when three-quarters of a huge tree came down and buried a couple of cars. No injuries that I know of. Am a bit worried about our friend Janet Reed and her ArtsFest preparations since I know several of the tents had already been erected in Riverfront Park . . . Our visiting nurse "discharged" me today; no more regular visits. Bob and I are on our own, but we do have an emergency number "just in case." Felt peppy enough to walk downtown to the bank and to the State Cafe for one of their juicy hamburgers. Was surprised to learn that they now close at two in the afternoon and are no longer open for supper. Don't know when that first started. You can learn a lot by taking a short hike after spending three-plus months in seclusion . . . TheBurg for June is now available . . . Went to my first T-Ball game last night. Coaches (and parents) certainly have a lot of patience. Best thing was getting a baseball card that is sure to be worth really big bucks down the line--fifty years or so. Did have one complaint, however. It didn't come with a slab of bubble gum like they used to . . .

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