Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cold and rainy election day. Not many trekking to the polls. But to look on the bright side: yard signs should disappear by tomorrow night, no more junk mail and no more political phone calls disturbing your day . . . Seems like several individuals or small groups decided to issue their recommendations for various offices this time around. (These were all anti-Thompson as far as I can tell; no one asked me to support the mayor's buddies.) Everyone wants to be a king-maker these days. I should have done a blog on my own choices but, frankly, I hardly knew half the wannabe candidates . . . I guess I might have set my recovery back by a few days last night. I'm trying to cut down on the pain pills but after two hours of discomfort I gave in and reached for the medicine and water glass. A glance at the clock told me it was one a.m. My TV was still on and turned to the TCM channel. Painting the Clouds with Sunshine, an old Warner musical, was just beginning: Dennis Morgan, Virginia Mayo, Gene Nelson. In my youth I had a 10-inch long playing soundtrack recording from that film, so I felt obligated to give it my attention for a while. So the next two hours I fought sleep just to watch and, I am sorry to say, though I remember the recording fondly, the film really wasn't worth the time I invested. But Bob was kind and let me laze in bed until nine this morning . . .

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