Monday, May 23, 2011

Well, yes, it is a small world. Our friend Joe Kershner from York made the acquaintance of our friend Tom Harmon of Scottsdale, Arizona, when they were both vacationing at the same resort in California . . . Even smaller: I ordered a used book from which was to ship from Florida but instead came by air mail from the UK. Ya never know . . . If you are in the mood for a summer read may I suggest a classic: John MacNab by John Buchan. So much fun. Three Scottish landowners learn that they have been targeted by three poachers; can they protect their property or can the invaders out-maneuver them? . . . Someone has written a contemporary update to this adventure, and that is what I received today: Return of John Macnab. Hope it is as entertaining as the original . . .

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