Friday, May 13, 2011

Sorry not to have posted yesterday; Google apparently was having some software problems and, while you could access the site, I could not post anything new . . . I have some catching up to do, so perhaps it will take two entries or so to get it all in . . . Thanks to Mary and Chris Lingus for the dessert from the Greek Festival which continues through Sunday . . . A major event occurred on our block about 1:30 a.m. this (Friday) morning when a flat-bed truck came down Oliver Alley from Third and tried to turn onto Green. The way was partially blocked by a utility pole and the truck had to perform several forward/back maneuvers to make the turn. Every back motion struck Amy and Doug Hill's newly restored home and crushed the down spouting and several of the pieces of siding. The stop sign that stood at that site is also history. The license plate of the hit-and-run vehicle was obtained and police are supposedly on the trail. Let us hope so . . .

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