Monday, May 9, 2011

We in the neighborhood are looking forward to a basketful of fresh and healthy vegetables this summer thanks to Mary Ann and Rick May, Kevin Hancock, Kevin Sheets and two others I don't know. The six friends have joined forces to garden on the former State Hospital grounds . . . Paid a visit to Doctor Dowling this morning. He removed the last stent from my kidneys and was sufficiently encouraged by my numbers to delay my next visit for six weeks. Of course, you know how these things work--I haven't had any serious pain since the surgery, but as soon as I left his office I developed a lasting stitch in my right side. Fortunately it has disappeared this evening . . . The city is deeply in debt and looking for every cent it can find; the mayor makes $80,000 a year. Today it was reported that the mayor is in arrears on her property taxes--$1,000 was the amount cited . . .

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