Friday, May 27, 2011

Last night's storms were so much more destructive than we imagined. We drove down Front Street late this afternoon and could not help but marvel at the huge trees which were uprooted onto homes and cars . . . the picture above was taken in the 1500 block of Green just a few doors south of Bob's home. If you look closely you might see a spot or two of turquoise under that tree. (click to enlarge) That's a car with a smashed windshield; the brown car lost its windshield as well. The street was closed for several hours until crews could get to it. There were a lot of downed trees awaiting a chain saw . . . Spent the morning at JJ's graduation from daycare. It was a really sweet event as eight youngsters prepared to enter kindergarten this fall. We were serenaded with quite a number of songs and each grad was saluted in music by his classmates. The kids sang "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" to honor JJ. Never thought I would have been caught at such an event . . . JJ's Grandpa Tom is back in town after playing tour guide for several travelers seeing Scandinavia and
Russia . . .

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