Saturday, May 14, 2011

Dr. Bob Coldren has identified yesterday's tree as a scarlet hawthorn; he has an identical one in his yard in Provincetown, Ma., but, being much further north, there are no blooms on that one yet . . . On occasion someone will ask about Apiana soap, the popular Swiss product in white or green with a bee motif which was quite popular with our clients for many years. Well, the company is going through a rough patch these days. Their major customer, Crabtree & Evelyn, filed for bankruptcy a few years ago, leaving the smaller firm in the lurch. Our American supplier has had difficulty in acquiring product and, in despair, has now put everything on hold for the moment. We will keep you informed . . . Okay, so this is a family site but we have a little info to impart so hide the little ones' eyes for just a moment. There is a dying tree in front of 710 Green; property owner Matt Coble says it will be removed in the near future. Anyway, one dying limb is attacked almost every afternoon by a woodpecker who really makes a racket. Well, we have been informed that the fellow is not hunting for bugs as most of us thought; rather he is attempting to attract a mate AND according to our authority who does not wish to be identified (fearing a label of voyeur) the young feathered male was seen to be successful!!!!! . . . This is a weekend to ignore your phone when it rings. Political hopefuls (who can afford it) will be disturbing us every hour of the day. That having been said, be sure to vote on Tuesday . . .

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