Sunday, May 22, 2011

Kathy MacNett alerted me to the fact that fire engines and a PPL truck were in the vicinity of Green and North about 7:30 last night. There may have been an incident in the Cathedral parking lot but I was unable to find out any info . . . Kathy also patronized the bicycle ice cream cart which has been cruising our neighborhood as I reported earlier. Kathy was told that the owner bought the 1950s cart on EBay and hopes to serve the area throughout the summer . . . Spent Sunday morning watching one of favorite films on TCM: Good News with June Alyson and Peter Lawford. When you are as old as I am it is surprising how diverting the old 1940 MGM musicals can be. One forgets all his pains and cares and just "chills out" for a couple of hours. But then, wasn't that the intention? The world was at war and we needed a little escapism . . . It is nice to have a young man as a Godchild because it allows me to read all the books that somehow escaped me when I was a kid. I am just finishing R. L. Stevenson's
Black Arrow and I have even ordered on DVD an old BBC series from the '70s that was based on the book. I can enjoy and then pass it on to "the kid;" he is a convenient excuse. JJ's big ball game is Wednesday and he graduates from daycare on Friday . . .

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