Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hot again. Ugh . . . The Vartan building project at Sixth and Reily and another at Second and State are now underway . . . Amy and Doug Hill walked some of the Appalachian Trail on Monday . . . Talked to a Comcast repairman during my morning walk and learned that there are still a lot of folks in the city without cable. One friend on the West Shore was without power for twenty-seven hours after last Thursday's storm . . . Friends and customers were well represented in today's Pat-News Letters to the Editor column. Felicity Fox from Shipoke commented on the lack of humane services for stray and abused pets in the city while Joe Russian noted that there is a distinct lack of civic pride in the city these days; homeowners don't clean sidewalks and gutters like they used to, and businesses don't hose down the areas in front of their enterprises. Restaurant Row could certainly use a good scrubbing . . . There was some patient painter taking pains with his work--I found the fancy treatment to an iron gate in the 200 block of Hamilton Street . . . click to enlarge . . .

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