Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Chilly and damp. Where is spring? . . . Was startled this morning to open the Pat-News and be confronted by a picture of Diane Neiper, JJ's grandmother, who was attending a candidates' night in Camp Hill . . . The Book of Mormon swept most of the Tony nominations this year. Only person I know who has seen it is Charles Peguese, but I haven't heard his review yet . . . TheBurg for May is now available . . . Forgot to identify yesterday's azalea as belonging to the Coldren/Barnett household. And I hadn't meant to slight the beautiful dogwoods and red buds which are also showing off right now . . . Early on I assumed surgery recovery would be like a ramp--every day would be a step or two upward; I've since learned it is more like a staircase--a few days of stepping up can be followed by a hesitation or even a step or two backwards. When people ask How's it going? I feel compelled to be truthful: not every day is better than the one before. But Bob says that, cumulatively, he can see a constant improvement, particularly in appetite . . .

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