Sunday, May 1, 2011

I see the doctor tomorrow morning. Please keep your fingers crossed for me. I know there are still a few issues and hopefully these will be no obstacles on the road to recovery . . . Neighbors tell me that I missed the escalating activity in our neighborhood Saturday night. The new restaurant presumably had a practice run for several visitors and there was also a bicycle driven ice cream cart tinkling down the street . . . Spotted the Steelers rock just outside the kitchen door in JJ's garden. It was painted for him by Ruth Reed of Dalmatia; we've sold her crafts in the past and she will be showing more at the cherry blossom festival in Millersburg next week. JJ was a Pittsburgh fan last fall but I found he was less than loyal as the season progressed. I think he was for Green Bay at the bitter end . . . I have been increasing the length of my daily walks but still cannot shake the minor pain in thighs and ankles. Guess it really will take another couple of months to get back into shape . . .

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