Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cold, cloudy and rain with a cloud burst about five p.m. that dropped well over an inch in just an hour. Usual intersections were flooded and many places are on a watch list since more rain is expected . . . winners in yesterday's election seem almost relieved to have gotten through the ordeal but I hope they are not gloating; they still are expected to produce for us. It seemed obvious to me that the vote was anti-Thompson; no candidate thought to be in her corner got more than a few hundred votes . . . The continued rains have detained preparations for
ArtsFest in Riverfront Park. Mowers cannot mow, etc. I have been told that 285 exhibitors are expected and quite a number of those will be making their first appearance here. Tents are supposed to go up beginning on Monday if the weather cooperates . . .

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