Friday, March 25, 2011

Went to city hall this morning for our new parking permit (used the Walnut Street entrance and avoided all the hassle of getting in) and encountered neighbor Doug Hill. He informed me that I missed reporting on a major event last Saturday night when a St. Patrick's Day reveler staggered up the street and collapsed on our block. Police and ambulance were summoned and many of the neighbors became on-lookers. Apparently it was merely a case of too much drink . . . Remember, folks, those who need parking permits in their areas must have them in their cars by April 15 . . . We are still uncertain about our hours for the next couple of weeks but I can tell you now that we will be open tomorrow (Saturday) from 10 until 5 and Monday from 10 until 3. Definitely closed on Tuesday all day. Please call if in doubt . . . Looking back over 75 years, I have decided that the greatest luxury one can have is that of staying in bed as long as you like any morning . . .

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