Saturday, March 19, 2011

Our neighbor Mia Semuta was featured on TV last night discussing the "moon event" that will take place this evening. The orb will be closer to the earth than it has been lately and therefore should appear a lot larger. We shall see. Mia is the author of a few romantic novels which I have not read but which are available on I know her better for the yummy pastries she whips up--particularly the cupcakes . . . Mary Ann Furedi and Rick May treated neighbors and friends to an Irish brunch prior to today's parade. Lots of good eats and some strong libation for those who indulge. The parade lasted for two hours (and included several of those so-called "interludes") but the wait was worth it. Lots of fun and camaraderie . . . Jack Barnett and Dr. Bob Coldren got into the spirit of the occasion as they do each year . . .

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  1. Did you see the moon tonight? :-) Thanks for the mention, I will need to see to it that you have some tasty treats soon!