Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spent most of my day with old movies for the third Sunday in a row. Really enjoy these except for those occasions when the hero gets an important note that was slipped under the door. One might be able to read the writing on the big cinema screen, but not on our little TV. The plot goes on but we are still in the dark for a while . . . The big silver maple that has been creating havoc with the brick sidewalk in front of Bryan and Jaime's house in the 700 block of Green will come down on Tuesday if the weather permits. Be careful where you park for the next few days . . . Bob, Angela, Eileen, Charles, Janet and a host of others in the neighborhood spent the afternoon at the Historic Harrisburg Association antique appraisal event. A good time was had by all, though as far as I know none of them had a treasure worth thousands but I am told that the munchies were worth the admission price . . .

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