Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Another bright day, but with a chill wind. Made a short trek to the bank without incident, but still don't seem to have an excess of energy when it comes to sweeping up the street in front of the store. How long until I am feeling a burst of "get up and go"? . . . It has only been a few years since we ceased our video rental department, so I am not surprised that we still get a call or visit every now and again from someone looking for an obscure film. However, it has been over twenty years since we disbanded the needlework collection in the back room, so one really cannot believe that there is still the occasional customer who has come especially for yarn or other supplies. Such was the case today . . . A report from the city police department says that the mayor has been receiving "harassing" messages and that new measures will have to be taken at city hall to protect her safety. She still has a group of body guards in tow, doesn't she? Wonder what else we will soon be paying for . . . Still, I do not wish her ill and I support whatever must be done IF this is a legitimate concern . . .

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