Friday, March 18, 2011

City steam customers in the 700 block of Green and the 200 block of Briggs have been informed that the company will not service their accounts next year and they will have to obtain another method of heating their homes come fall. The company has been shrinking its service area for the last several years, and there are hints that the service on North Street will be discontinued in two years. A lot of unhappy people in our neighborhood just now . . . Well, we now have the date you all have been asking for. The surgery will take place Tuesday, March 29, at Harrisburg Hospital. Of course there are a lot of pre-op preparations and those will be done one week before, on the 22nd. Guess I better get my butt in gear and take care of the taxes and other pressing financial matters . . . Needless to say I have been having some restless nights lately. We have a chiming clock that can be heard throughout the house though once one is accustomed to it it isn't always heard. In the past it was sometimes fun to hear the morning chime and then calculate just how much longer one could remain abed until rising--always hoping for just a couple of minutes more. However, of late it has been less than a blessing; you imagine it must be seven in the morning but the clock only strikes twice and your body refuses to drop back to sleep. Ugh! . . . Well, spring is either here or just around the corner. Tonight the kids gave up the computer and coloring books and opted for sidewalk chalk. JJ then gave himself a very handsome blue-green mustache, but Mom Sarah didn't get a picture of that . . .

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