Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bob and I met with Dr. Keith Dowling this afternoon and he explained what must be done to jettison an unwanted bladder. None of it was particularly pleasant so I am not about to discuss it here. Somehow the required three month hiatus from work is not the vacation I had in mind. Bob is a lot more optimistic than I am at this moment, but your e-mails of encouragement have made me feel a lot better. The doctor's best and most welcome advice: "Buy a laptop computer; it will help pass the time and you can do your business in bed!" . . . This Eiffel Tower replica is made of cast iron, stands 15 inches high and accommodates a t-lite in the base. Use indoors or out. We have sold quite a number of them over the years, but here is the pleasant surprise--what once was $25 is now $19.50. We have three on hand . . .

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