Tuesday, March 15, 2011

We have been wanting to share this news with you for a week now, but it was more or less a secret--less, I suppose, considering how many friends already knew about it. Anyway, it was announced today that our favorite restaurant, Dodge City, will have a "make-over" for the Food Network show called Restaurant: Impossible. The re-do will take place within a week or so but the show will not premiere until August. I am curious to see what changes are made, but let's not spoil a perfectly good thing . . . We will be closing about three-thirty tomorrow afternoon for our first consultation with the surgeon. Thus far I have handled the situation pretty well (even better than Bob, I think) but I will admit that my anxiety level is going up. Maybe I have not yet accepted this as well as I thought . . . This popular Art Deco lamp has reappeared in our catalogs so we have stocked one to judge the interest. We had sold several eight or so years ago. It stands 16 inches high, sells for $55 and takes one of those small "Christmas tree" light bulbs. We show it with a white bulb for picture purposes but it looks really romantic with a soft blue bulb . . .

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