Monday, March 7, 2011

Being an old newspaper man I can sympathize with the Patriot-News today. Its lead story concerned a drop in street crime in Harrisburg allegedly brought about by more active patrols on the city's avenues . . . However, the newspaper had barely rolled off the presses at midnight when a man was shot and killed at Second and State Streets, the city's first homicide of the year . . . Further, a city law firm took this day to announce that it would be leasing the top three floors of a five-story building to be erected in April directly across the street from the scene of the killing . . . The change in State House administration should bode well for the sale of this mother and child. The elephant pair is nine inches long and eight inches high and sells for $24.50 . . . Was going to keep silent about the doctor's visit today, but so many have shown compassion for my plight that I decided I would lay it out this one time and then hopefully keep my mouth shut for the duration . . . I am hosting an aggressive cancer that, if left unchecked, could be fatal in less than five years. Major surgery is required; that will result in a hospital stay of five to seven days if all goes well. The "recovery" period after (before I could be fully active in the business) would be three or so months . . . Bob and I both would like to see The Bare Wall continue--the interaction with all of you keeps us sane--but we suspect that since Bob will bear the burden as both proprietor and care giver our hours may have to be curtailed during this period. Several of you have generously volunteered hours toward this, and we thank you; don't be surprised if we "come calling" one of these days. Just when all of this might occur has not yet been decided, but it most likely will be in the very near future. I or Jon Carfagno will keep you abreast of developments in the coming weeks . . . Needless to say, your continued patronage will be appreciated . . .

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