Sunday, March 27, 2011

Easter egg production is well underway at St. Michael's Lutheran Church on State Street. Get your orders in pronto. Phone 234-0092 . . . Spent the day tackling all sorts of odds and ends in preparation for the big event. Not quite enough cash to cover current expenses so I had to dip into my reserves . . . Am getting a little shaky but decided I would drop a personal note to all of you who have been so kind and thoughtful to Bob and me during this difficult period. Realized almost immediately that it would take a week (and a lot of postage) to complete that task, so I will have to make do with a general "thank you" and hope you accept that . . . Cecilia and JJ visited this afternoon. They had labored all weekend on a giant get well card. Suspect those finger paints must have made quite a mess at grandma's house. In case you don't understand, my "Mr. Bladder" is being sent aloft in a rocket ship (click to enlarge) . . . Will offer a few more words tomorrow and then Bob and/or Jon will be posting updates if there is news . . .

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