Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 2: Ronn had a good night according to the nurse in the ICU, and when I saw him this morning, he looked much better than yesterday. He has some pain, but can manage it with his handy dandy drug pump. His doctor seems pleased with Ronn's progress and told Ronn basically the same as he told me. As of 5:00 this afternoon he was still in the ICU, but the nurse that I spoke to thought that he would be moved to a room later tonight after his doctor came by. He was out of bed sitting in a chair for about an hour this afternoon. Tomorrow I'll give you his room number if all goes as planned. What's with this weather? Of course my mother always said that the weather would not settle until after Easter, and Easter is not until the end of April. My mother also told me that if one didn't eat a doughnut on Shrove Tuesday the mice would get you!!!! Don't put that snow shovel away. Till tomorrow, Bob

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