Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Rainy morning, sunny afternoon. Got to the hospital early and zipped right through all the procedures--blood drawn (four vials), EKG, ("If you were hoping your heart would stop your operation you are out of luck," the technician said), chest x-ray, and an informative meeting with Lynn who "tattooed" me with directives for the surgeon. One nurse sidled up to me and whispered "If you are staying with us for a time, bring your own toothpaste. Ours is truly yucky." . . . Couldn't eat before the blood work but I was clever enough to pack some Oreos which I munched on through the rest of the morning. Finally got a coffee in the lobby--two dollars plus and it really wasn't the best I ever tasted; passable, though . . . Got home in time to watch the workmen dismantle the tree down the street. It was truly amazing how the fellow was able to manipulate his machine through the battery of wires without doing himself in. Unfortunately, removal of this tree merely proves what we all suspected--the tree in front of 710 is so far gone that it, too, will have to be sacrificed. Going to be hot on this street come summer, I fear . . . (click picture to enlarge) . . .

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