Sunday, March 6, 2011

Warm but heavy rain off and on all day. Bob played in the kitchen as he likes to do on these kinds of days, so I will be enjoying home baked lima beans and banana cake for supper tonight . . . I spent the day in my sleepwear nursing various pains and immersed in the cinematic adventures of Bulldog Drummond. He was a popular British detective who first appeared in print in 1920. Dozens upon dozens of books, short stories, radio, movie and TV dramas followed. Among those playing him on the screen were Ronald Colman (for whom I am named) and Ray Milland . . . one of the fun events in watching old 1930s films is spotting an unknown with a walk-on who later becomes a star. A very young Anthony Quinn was a "heavy" in one of the four films I watched today . . . Angela Lawson and family members are safely home after a week's vacation in Cancun, Mexico . . . David Griffith will celebrate his 77th birthday on Tuesday . . . We will be closed for an hour or so tomorrow starting at 12:30 p.m. Off to see the doctor; hopefully he can relieve me of some of my recent aches . . . After all that 1930s decor that I observed in the films today it is only fitting that we feature this Silver Lady statue more or less in the Art Deco mode. She stands 12 inches high and sells for $25. We have two in stock . . .

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