Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Very busy day with visitors. Dan Browning and Judy Robinson stopped by with their best wishes and some goodies from Judy's kitchen. Ed Freed, Lonnie Kerr and Mike Billo checked in as well . . . Bob received the necessary equipment from Verizon to connect his new computer to the Internet. Hopes to do that within a day or two . . . The major news of the day, of course, was the death of Liz Taylor. I recall having first seen her in National Velvet back in the forties. (Turns out she was about five years older than me.) . . . I guess I was a bit vague in my March advertisement in TheBurg. Got a telephone call asking about the peeps and bunnies. The caller thought we were selling live animals and was disappointed that ours were the decorative kind. Reminded me of Easters long past when one could go to the 5&10 and buy pastel colored peeps for a couple of pennies. Fortunately that practice has been outlawed--at least I think it has . . .

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