Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A little sunshine can do wonders for one’s disposition. We were blessed with a steady flow of customers and friends today and our spirits were high. Suzi Marsico and Larry Kirkhuff dropped off some goodies (and just as I was finishing the last of Cecilia’s birthday cake—what timing!) . . . The new cards from California came and Bob and I spent several hours getting them separated and onto the shelves. The place is starting to look like a store again with all the new acquisitions . . . Discovered that we have to work harder to win over one of our neighbors, though we don’t know which one. A new review of The Bare Wall appeared on Trip Advisor last month and I found the two-star entry amusing . . . “I've lived in Downtown Harrisburg for 6 years, actually a block from this place for 3 years and never even knew the name of this place. I would just see them sitting outside with old books no one wanted to buy. I would never expect this place to be number 2 on Harrisburg's places to visit. Don't expect much . . .” Well, thanks to this fellow, we are no longer #2. His comments dropped us a notch. But just for the record he also panned Shady McGrady’s, the Subway Café and the Carsonville Hotel; Sammy’s Restaurant, on the other hand, was top rated. Hope we learn the identity of this fellow someday; maybe I could talk him into a good used book . . . Glad the furnace waited until these relatively warm days before acting up . . .

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