Thursday, March 10, 2011

Heavy rain off and on all day is real reason for concern. There will be flooding in the usual low-lying spots and maybe more. Keep alert . . . Our TripAdvisor visitors today were a pleasant young couple from Cleveland, Ohio. They are touring the area and heading for Washington, D.C., tomorrow. Sorry they have to contend with the wet weather, but according to the Weather Channel they are escaping up to ten inches of snow back home . . . I was sorry to read in the Patriot-News today that the state bookstore in the Keystone Building is closing. It was a favorite haunt around the holidays because it stocked all those Junior League and similar organization cookbooks that you don't find at Barnes & Noble. Where do we turn now for state publications? The $5 one illustrating poisonous plants in Pennsylvania was an especially valuable one at an affordable price . . . The "cock clock" featured in yesterday's post has flown the coop. A wife in the Dillsburg area will be surprised when it lands on the wall of her kitchen . . . Today we are offering these cookbooks at a sale price of $16, marked down from $23. Each box features a series of recipes on laminated cards and a CD of music appropriate to the occasion. We have sold these for several years now, but they seem to have run their course. Grab the few remaining ones for gifts . . .

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