Friday, March 4, 2011

Busy, busy day. Bob got some home improvement deliveries at his house while I tackled the major shipment that came to the store yesterday. Suzi and Julie came shopping in the midst of this and several others made an appearance. It was a very upbeat day . . . I think I may have been scammed in the meantime, but I will have to do some additional calculations to find out. Received The Video Collection catalog a day or so ago and found a few English DVDs that I thought interesting. The catalog said Free Shipping on the entire order, which appealed to me. It also recommended going to the website for thousands of additional titles being discounted. Of course, that suckered me in. Made my selections and since I was already on line I decided to enter my order there rather than making a phone call. And here comes the catch. The on-line prices are a few pennies or a few dollars cheaper than the catalog BUT there is no where on the order form to claim your free shipping. I ended up telephoning for help and that is when the scheme (if such it is) was exposed. No free shipping on line--just in the catalog where the prices have been inflated to cover the shipping cost. So I placed the order on line (after all, I spent many minutes typing); now I am awaiting the shipping charges to see just which "offer" was the better one or if there actually was no difference at all. Frankly, I feel taken already even if I did end up saving a few pennies . . . The cute doggy figurines stand eight inches high and sell for $9.00 each. The doggy frame comes in two styles and accommodates a 4x6 photo; $12.50 . . .

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