Monday, March 1, 2010

Larry Binda, co-editor of theBurg, was in today. He says the paper's new headquarters on Front Street just off Herr is shaping up nicely. Now waiting for the architectural review board to approve a sign . . . Don't understand (but certainly approve of) this sudden robust interest in Bill Campbell's pottery. Got another call about it this morning, this one from York . . . It is distressing to see all the For Sale signs throughout the city. Some blocks have three or more properties on the market. Such selling destabilizes neighborhoods which have worked so hard to bond together. Hope this is the result of economic conditions and not the political turmoil the city seems to be in these days . . . Will finish the last ten pages of my book tonight and cannot recommend it highly enough. Even the occasional error can be forgiven--Klein Village for Kline Village, Pembroke for Penbrook . . .

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