Monday, March 8, 2010

Another lovely day. Went to Harrisburg Hospital (way too early for me) to have blood drawn. Was impressed with the courtesy and efficiency of the staff. Very organized, and I was out in about 30 minutes . . . Nice visit from friends Jim and Geoff from Liverpool; haven't seen them for many months . . . Yes, I managed to see the whole Oscar show but was in bed within five minutes after . . . there was some confusion with the shipment of the new pottery but it should be here within a few days. I will try to post a picture. I think you will like it . . . Several inquiries after yesterday's post; just which properties are for sale? For the record: 706, 805, and 810 Green Street, 272 Briggs Street, and 226 North Street. The last one has been on the market for quite a few months . . . it is rumored that Mantis, the gallery that was on North Street a few years ago, will try opening again next door to the Midtown Scholar near Third and Verbeke . . . The doorway seen yesterday is that of Jack Barnett and Robert Coldren. Sorry, I just assumed that everyone would recognize it . . .

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