Monday, March 22, 2010

Excitement on the block at 5:30 this afternoon. A chimney malfunction at Jack and Bob's--the yellow house opposite The Bare Wall. Sorry JJ wasn't with us tonight. He loves fire trucks and they were lined up from Forster to North Street. Our fire crews deftly maneuvered their crane and bucket through the trees and had the problem solved in no time. Bravo for them. The incident gave the neighbors reason to socialize on the street, our first such outing since winter . . . Bart Snyder is looking for trash hauling jobs in our neighborhood. We have his phone number if you should need him . . . As you know, I like a good turn of phrase and I read one such today: "He is a nobody who is already a has-been." It was made about our current AG, but you could insert the name of anyone you wanted to insult . . .

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