Friday, March 26, 2010

Happy birthday to Kim Kehler . . . Sorry to report that our neighborhood will be greatly changed come Tuesday. The large and stately maple tree in front of 711 Green Street will be coming down. It has invaded the sewer system there and is a destructive menace. This will be a major loss in the neighborhood and a radical change to the street scape. Sad but necessary. It was always a beautiful blaze of red in the fall . . . Guess I have belabored my experiences on the medical front but these encounters with modern medicine after thirty years have been eye openers. Got cheerful calls of encouragement from Richard Williams and George Miller today. "Chin up! Pip! Pip!" Much appreciated . . . Temps predicted to dip below freezing tonight. Darn! The magnolias will surely be destroyed at the height of their glory and daffodil's will slump with only a few recovering . . .

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