Thursday, March 25, 2010

Please bear with me. Although the sun shone delightfully until 6 p.m., my day was mostly bleak. It began with letters from my doctor's office; they had scheduled an appointment that I could not keep. Also, they wanted additional hospital tests. Plus I had to tell them that I could not afford the medicines they were prescribing. All is in limbo at the moment . . . The next letter in the pile was personally hand-addressed to me. And what was it? A special sale flyer for grave headstones! Sure hope my doc didn't give them my address! . . . Things brightened with a call from Lee Spitalny. We discussed the books we'd been reading and which ones we had especially enjoyed. A rare pleasant interlude . . . Then received an e-mail (very official looking, logo and all) from Verizon. They were updating their Internet service and needed to confirm some information. CAUTION VERIZON USERS. THIS IS A SCAM. Was immediately in touch with Verizon Internet Security. If you have received such a message, DON'T PROVIDE REQUESTED INFO. Forward your letter to Received a nice "thank you" e-mail from them a short time later . . . Learned that Mike Billo and Lonnie Kerr officially put their house at 805 Green on the market today. You can get all the particulars from Jacquie Kirby Hensel at 761-6300 . . . Received our shipment of boxed note cards from England (but printed in China, of course). I think you will be pleased with these, but when I checked the invoice there was a major billing error and I had to get in touch with my sales rep. Sixteen cards, $16, some printed front and back . . . Supper tonight was a bowl of "heart healthy" Campbell's chunky soup. Wish I could say that it was savory, but, boy, it could have used a little salt . . . So that was the day, and it is only 7 p.m. Think I should ward off anything else by hopping into bed right now . . . Despite everything there was one little moment to delight the senses. As Bob was strapping the kid into his car seat for the trip to Camp Hill I overheard JJ lean close to Bob's ear and whisper "I love you." That tiny second simply washed away a whole day of aggravation . . .

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