Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Victoria Zellers home from Jamaica and posted this beautiful snapshot on her Facebook page . . . Inspected the greenery in front of the store and believe that with a bit of pruning and support that it survived the blizzard . . . Thanks to Lee Spitalny for another bag of books. I have enough reading to last a year. These will be showing up on our outdoor sale table this summer . . . A "hello" to Kim Kehler on the West Shore. Her brother, Guy, says she is a loyal reader . . . Hot off the press: America's Great Delis ($18.95). History of and recipes from famous eateries . . . Betty Holmbe organizes the Harris Street Church caroling every December. It is a fun event for both the singers and those they visit. In Scotland one church realized its open door event didn't attract people like it used to so they moved the caroling into the local pub and had a robust evening. They even brought their own ale brewed especially for the church . . . Over the years I have subscribed to a few foreign magazines but none has been as satisfactory as Scottish Life. It covers the tourist attractions on occasion, but generally it is dedicated to the everyday life and culture of the country . . .

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