Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Really raw most of the day and now high winds as I write . . . Well, the tree fellers (get the pun?) arrived at the appointed hour and the beautiful maple is now plant mulch and firewood. It took a surprisingly short time to do the deed. And, of course, despite a week of warnings and three large "No Parking" signs, two cars had to be towed . . . We all suffer the loss but perhaps none more than that flock of marauding crows which liked to raise a ruckus and decorate cars and sidewalks about 6 a.m. every morning. Wonder if some animal rights advocates might not sue for "unjust eviction" or a similar charge . . . I will miss it most in autumn. For about two weeks on glorious sunny fall days my whole living room had a gorgeous red glow . . . Got one of "those" phone calls this morning. You know the kind. From Matthew, or David, or John, or James. Now you know immediately from the accent that the Asian is using an alias. And if you didn't guess, that strange echo of your own voice coming back down the line certainly gives the game away . . . I was never one to appreciate unsolicited phone calls (and, yes, I am on a "do not call" list without noticeable effect) but there were times when it was fun to exchange pleasantries with a Boston accent or Southern drawl even as you were refusing the offer. I am afraid my American humor is lost on the current crop of callers who pause, stutter and quickly shuffle through their prepared script to find an appropriate response to "thank you for your call" . . . (click picture to enlarge).

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