Thursday, March 18, 2010

This is Post 266. Can't believe I have had so much to share with you . . . But today is not a news day. Almost no one wanted to waste this glorious day by being inside, so Bob and I spent most of our hours out on the sidewalk exchanging pleasantries with the passers-by. The street, usually parked full, was half empty for most of the day. Victoria Zellers and I speculated that there might be quite a few hangovers from the St. Patrick's Day celebrations yesterday . . . Well, pictured here is one sure sign that Spring is on the way . . . and before anyone points it out to us, be advised that Uncle Bob was drawing the hopscotch board backwards and upside down, which is why the four in fourteen didn't come out right. I don't know whether JJ noticed or not, but we were pleased that he could count to 20 . . . the fun of these hopscotch adventures does not come from watching the kids, incidentally. The real treat is the adult who pauses, looks about to be sure no one is watching, and then happily skips down the diagram . . .

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