Friday, March 12, 2010

The promised rains came and scared the customers away, though we did have a nice chat with Charles Fetterhoff . . . finished my mystery book and am casting about for something else to read. It will not be War and Peace however. Dr. Coldren has finished it, incidentally . . . Maybe I could make our CPA, Rick Miller, happy by finishing my taxes this weekend . . . It seems that every conversation these days turns to the upheavals at City Hall. Everyone seems to agree that "sumpin's gotta give." It rather reminds me of the last days of the Nixon presidency. Remember how we were bombarded then? Every newscast provided a new wrinkle. How weary we all were--even too weary to cheer when Nixon proclaimed "I'm not a crook" and then resigned . . . What was the next topic of general conversation? Do you remember? Ford's pardon, perhaps . . . I am having a flash of deja vu . . .

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