Saturday, March 20, 2010

Scads of people out today in 70+ degree weather for the St. Pat's parade. Enjoyed a pre-parade Irish brunch at Mary Ann Furedi and Rick May's. Their dogs Cooper and Luna adopted me and were perfect hosts . . . The parade was varied--and long. So many units. In my hometown of 2000 we had 60 or 70 members in our high school band; it was fronted by a drum majorette with a whistle and three other twirlers. That ratio seems to have been totally reversed these days. Today's marching units have two dozen (or more) flag wavers and only a handful of musicians . . . Two years ago I was attacked by mourning doves. They found something nutritious in the putty around my windows. The destruction was so bad that I feared the window would fall out, so repairs were warranted. This spring I am under siege by a mottled black and white woodpecker (no red that I can see). He/she has visited the back of the house a couple of times, and it sounds like someone is driving a nail. Would like for someone to identify this invader and--even better--tell me how to discourage its visits . . .

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