Sunday, March 7, 2010

Two more properties in our neighborhood have gone up for sale. There are now five homes available within a block of Green and Briggs Street. Also on the market, the Zephyr Express Restaurant and neighboring apartment house . . . Symbols of the season are springing up here and there. The doorway shown is just across the street from The Bare Wall. We have a nice collection of books on Ireland and the Irish but no St. Patrick's Day cards (they didn't come because I forgot to order them). The city's parade is March 20 . . . Jon Carfagno was busy this morning making peanut butter eggs . . . guess everyone is popping corn at this moment in anticipation of the Oscar telecast. I haven't a clue about any of the films; this is probably the first time in my 70-some years that I have no particular interest in the event . . .

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