Sunday, March 11, 2012

Wondered if spending nearly 24 hours in bed would in any way help my headaches; it didn't . . . This was a glorious day and even better times are predicted for the rest of the week. I think half the city was promenading along the riverfront . . . another shooting and a couple of muggings in the burg this weekend. This is hardly news anymore . . . Nancy Eshelman's column in the Pat-News caused lots of comment; she thinks the cheap liquor prices at the various venues along Restaurant Row is partly to blame for the violence and that the atmosphere in general promotes confrontation. I think I agree; there certainly isn't anything "family" about the offerings there. And I certainly support a "drink tax" to help in the city's financial crisis . . . Got my first introduction to the IPad this afternoon when Bob and I visited the Battistis. Cecilia and JJ each have one and they were demonstrating the games and educational functions for us. Quite impressive. No wonder they seem to know so much more at their age than I knew back then . . . The cast iron Eiffel Tower is back in stock and perfect for patio or garden. The top lifts off and there is a place for a tea light inside. It stands fourteen inches high and sells for $22 . . .

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