Saturday, March 17, 2012

A beautiful day and crowds were streaming downtown all afternoon for the cheap booze and merrymaking. Hopefully most will head home before closing and avoid any unpleasantness that might arise along Restaurant Row. Bob and I are celebrating at home with the traditional cabbage and corned beef dinner which Bob loves and I tolerate . . . Spring continues with flowering plum trees and forsythia . . . As I have mentioned before, when you have a moment you might click on next blog in the streamer overhead. You might get a knitter, a cook, or a family with a newborn. You will also find that some bloggers tire out early and haven't made a new entry for months . . . Annalise MacLeod who is almost one has taken to pointing at everything. Longtime readers of this blog will recall that JJ and then Cecilia did the same thing. We were quite concerned back then until pediatrician Dr. Bob Coldren explained that this was a good thing--the child's faculties are working just as they are supposed to . . . These painted (or not) cast iron dragonflies are intended as paperweights, I assume. They are five inches long and sell for $8 . . .

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