Thursday, March 29, 2012

Melissa Herman celebrated her birthday today and not yesterday as I had previously reported . . . Dr. Coldren wants his neighbors to know that he and Jack Barnett have become a one-car family and therefore there is now an extra parking space street-side in the 700 block of Green . . . A welcome visit from Lee Spitalny today . . . Given conditions in the city, it has been suggested that we could increase sales immensely if we just stocked MACE . . . The April issue of TheBurg is now available. Did not know that the Mantis Collective which was once on North Street and had moved uptown has now called it quits . . . Bob and I watched Gypsy on TCM last night. Bob had played the Karl Malden part in a local production several years ago and said the role was greatly enlarged for the movie. I find it surprising that this show has been so beloved over the years. The music is okay, but Momma Rose is one of the most obnoxious characters in modern theater. I don't remember my initial reaction when I saw this many years ago, but last night it seemed to be interminable . . . Made in Pennsylvania, Berks County to be exact. We processed the new shipment of Steve Day pottery this morning and it is now on the shelves. Add a few Hershey kisses or miniatures to these plates and you will have a nice Easter hostess gift . . .

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