Sunday, March 4, 2012

Probably spent too much time on the couch today despite two brisk walks around the neighborhood. I was deceived by the sunny skies; the temps did not achieve their promise . . . Met yet another person suffering from these painful sinus headaches. He has tried several cures including a seven-dollar-a-dose pill but nothing has helped yet. I am really depressed by all this and feel really worn down. Surely some doctors must realize that something is in the air around here . . . Angela Lawson safely home after a Mexican vacation . . . Wrote an order for English soaps this afternoon. We need to restock the lemon basil big bath bar, by far your favorite from this company . . . The Kid spent his weekend on the slopes of the Pocono Mountains. But even a soon-to-be six year old runs out of stamina eventually . . .

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