Monday, March 12, 2012

For readers in California, New Mexico, Ohio and around the world, be advised that Harrisburg has become "Crime City" big time. In addition to what was reported yesterday here, there was apparently a shoot-out on the Hill that resulted in one soul being in critical condition at the hospital. There was another Saturday night stabbing at the Dragonfly Bar (and that venue is now permanently closed). Just after midnight this morning a state legislator and two staff members were mugged downtown; the car was stolen but two culprits were quickly arrested . . . The mayor has a plan! Since yesterday's shooting took place in a taxi, she will propose an ordinance requiring all cabs to have a protective shield between the passenger compartment and the driver! . . . And, of course, there may be more crime items but the newspaper is a bit slow to report them--or is it the police department that is slow in making these events public? . . . Thought I would revisit Matt Hall's video about Harrisburg on YouTube to see if it is still attracting people. There have been 523 "hits." If you haven't seen it yet, go to: . . . We have a new collection of massage, bath, nail and complexion brushes at various price points. Check these out on your next visit . . .

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