Monday, March 19, 2012

Bradford pears are bursting into bloom. Looks like it is snowing when the wind blows. Thankfully, that is just an illusion . . . Brief visit with artist Earl Blust this afternoon . . . Hope you buy more cards for Easter than you did for St. Paddy's Day . . . Had a phone call from our friend John Goldsmith out in California (known as "Crazy John" around Palm Springs). He recently attended the unveiling of a star for Lily Tomlin on that Walk of Fame we hear so much about. Never one to be shy, John chatted up Carol Channing and Lucy Arnaz and a few other celebs. He is truly enjoying himself out there . . . I was stretched out on my recliner last night trying to break into one of those blister packets that held my sinus pills. You know the kind--easy access if you just peel off the backing in the direction of the arrow. It was a five minute struggle but I finally broke through. Unfortunately, one of the pills slipped out and lost itself in the chair's mechanics. I wrestled with the chair for about ten minutes and finally turned it upside down but to no avail. However, I am happy to announce that the bunch of keys that went missing a few weeks ago were dislodged and are now back into my pocket! The pill, however, got away . . . We featured this heavy metal wall piece at Christmas time but it sold out so fast that few of you saw it. The lady is nine inches round, more or less, and sells for $19 . . .

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