Sunday, March 18, 2012

The sun shines bright and the magnolia trees are in bloom. That display frequently is destroyed by a quick snowfall, but not this year if the weathermen are to be believed. I will be in surgery on Thursday just as this weather cycle peaks . . . JJ has received his spring Smurf Soccer schedule and he will again be on the San Francisco team. The weekly games are played on Friday. Not sure that Uncle Bob and Uncle Ronn will be quite as loyal to the cause as we were last year. And T-ball is just around the corner! . . . I am certain that Bob is going to be pulled over some evening on Third Street and given a DUI; The stretch of road from Harris to Peffer, give or take, is so-o-o-o-o bad and Bob now knows to drive on the left occasionally to avoid the biggest potholes. He swings back and forth for several blocks and someone is sure to notice sometime . . . This not-too-heavy metal bunch of grapes is quite attractive and would make a nice addition to kitchen or rec room. It is roughly ten inches wide and eleven inches deep and sells for $15 . . .

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