Thursday, March 22, 2012

Doctor Jay Goodman and his radiology staff replaced the kidney stent without incident this morning but he wants me back in three months to renew it again. No "joy juice" this time; I only felt a small jag and nothing more . . . But I wish I had better news about these pesky headaches which have brought me almost to a standstill. Everyone on the staff has heard of them and quite a few are fellow sufferers. Antibiotics are not effective with this viral strain; it will leave by itself at some point, but perhaps not for six months. Whoop-de-do! I have had them since Christmas, so I am halfway there . . . Thanks to this unusual weather the staff is anticipating a summer of bug and mosquito bites Get out the OFF, folks . . . Ran into Ed Marsico in the hallway when leaving. He was there to see his wife, Suzi, who was also undergoing a procedure. She was resting easy, he told me . . . And here are the Dancing Cats as promised. $38.50 . . .

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