Friday, December 9, 2011

Wonderfully busy today--there must be a holiday in the offing. Sold several pieces of the new pottery and the bells from Maine have arrived . . . We have sold our line of adult cards for thirty-some years; these are far less popular than they once were, and I assume that the Internet might be partly to blame. We have been advised that the costs of these cards will jump dramatically after the first of the year so we have decided to discontinue the line once our current stock is exhausted . . . The kid came to visit this afternoon and assured me, after consulting, that he was certainly worth the $60 we might have to spend to satisfy his desire for a gumball machine and its refills . . . He has his own folder on the computer desktop and loves playing his "Mario" games which can give me a headache. I threatened to remove the game from his folder after the holiday, but it was an empty threat. "That's okay, Uncle Ronn. I'll just Google it and find out where to get it." This from a five-year-old . . . Casinos in Vegas take bets on all sorts of things; I think our local one should accept bets on when the Pat-News will issue a front page without Sandusky on it . . . Everyone in the area is invited to the Salvation Army at Green and Cumberland Streets for a Christmas breakfast from 7:30 to 11:30 a.m. No excuse to be alone and lonely on this holiday; friendship awaits . . .

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