Thursday, December 15, 2011

Another busy day despite some occasional sprinkles. It is so gratifying to have on hand just the thing someone wanted and the fact that they learned about it from your advertisement in TheBurg makes it even more worthwhile . . . Mark Stevens helped with the patrons; we sent Bob off to do some of his Christmas shopping. He is still looking for special presents for the kids--JJ, Cecilia, Sabrina, Felix and Annalise. Candidly, I think he just enjoys trying out all those toys. I never imaged that we would spend so many of our "golden age" hours worrying about little youngsters. But it is fun, I will admit . . . Part of my Amazon shipment came today and I listened to Susan Boyle's latest album. I cannot be as ecstatic as many of her fans; far as I am concerned she still hasn't produced the music she is capable of. But I am glad she has set the world on its ear and has earned millions. The latest effort is not selling quite as well as those in the past, I read. Wish I could program a Broadway album for her. Incidentally, the Autumn Leaves tune on this album is not the song we are familiar with . . . Hope you like our newly painted sign. One certainly cannot miss it as they drive down Green Street . . .

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